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A core focus of our work is to create change guided by the principles of social justice, equality and inclusion.

Our work values are guided by these fundamental community development principles. Our passion is to create social change through developing innovative projects, programs and community-led solutions.

We work with individuals, organisations and communities that share our vision of working with vulnerable and marginalised population groups to bring about long-lasting social change.


Gender Equity Action Plans

Gender equity and prevention of violence against women

Equality and social inclusion 

Family violence 

Harm reduction with alcohol and other drugs 

Rainbow Tick Accreditation

Reconciliation Action Plan


Young People

Refugee and Asylum Seekers

LGBTIQ+ communities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Regional and rural communities 

Culturally and linguistically diverse communities


Community development facilitation  

Personal development and workshops

Grant planning, design and writing applications

Research, evaluation and report writing 

Developmental work 

Project support and management

Coaching and Mentoring

Delivery of e-learning modules to create safer communities and workplaces

University of Melbourne – Department of Rural Health Centre of Excellence in Rural Sexual Health

We have been selected to conduct a review of health promotion initiatives undertaken by the University of Melbourne’s, Centre of Excellence in Rural Sexual Health across rural Victoria. The SHOUT initiative is a series of campaigns and projects developed to assist workers who engage with rural young people. The objectives are to promote positive sexual health messages, improve access to condoms and encourage regular STI testing.

Australian Alcohol and Drug Foundation – Karen Project

We are working with YSAS Bendigo, Bendigo Community Health Services and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to support the development of a community development driven project with the local Karen community living in Greater Bendigo

We will be leading the consultations, co-design and developing an evaluation framework for the project.
We look forward to working alongside key stakeholders and Karen community leaders to deliver better health outcomes for our whole community.


UK Project Campaign to End Loneliness

We recently worked with The Campaign to End Loneliness to design and deliver an engagement strategy to collect qualitative data across vulnerable and marginalised population groups in Northern Ireland.

This data was used to support the development of Loneliness in Northern Ireland: A Call-to-Action Report which was launched in December 2020.

During the pandemic and government health restrictions, we worked closely with organisations like British Red Cross, Age NI, Barnardos, Mencap, HEReNI, Marie Curie and other community-based groups. The report supports the Action Group to lobby the NI Executive to develop an inclusive Northern Ireland Strategy addressing the issue of loneliness.

Download Loneliness in Northern Ireland: A Call-to-Action Report


Bendigo Family and Financial Services

We are currently working with Bendigo Family on several key strategic projects, a key focus of the work was the creation of a two-year Strategic Plan to support the organisation through the next few years of growth.

Download Bendigo Family and Financial Services Strategic Plan 2021-23


LOUD Leadership with LEAD Loddon Murray

We have been working with LEAD Loddon Murray and LOUD to help support the development of emerging leaders within the LGBTIQ community. The program aims to nurture emerging leaders to share the responsibility for advocating on behalf of our LGBTIQ Community and representing Community at the decision-making table in various forums across the region.

In 2019 we will support the design and delivery of the LOUD Leadership Retreats. The retreats build the skills, confidence and connections of emerging leaders in our LGBTI community and aim to inspire, empower and energise our community as we build partnerships and projects for change.

Download the LOUD Leadership Program

Read more about the successful funding bid

Find out more about LOUD

Read about the program

“The retreat provided valuable information on how to campaign for your project and or cause and how to inspire others to help achieve positive change in community.”

“The different examples of leadership styles were very useful- coming from the speakers who had different experiences and expressed leadership in different ways. The exercise on being a safe space and explaining your ideas were standouts.”

Masculinities Project 

I am currently working with Women’s Health Loddon Mallee to deliver ‘Engaging Men in Gender Equality’, a participatory action-research project that engages rural and regional men in gender equality work and the prevention of violence against women. The project uses a grassroots community development approach to explore the construction and representation of masculinities through surveys, workshops, community art-based social experiment and the co-development of videos and a social media campaign. The project will reframe discussions and representations of masculinity to present a range of positive and healthy masculinities.

This reframing of masculinity is part of the essential actions in preventing violence against women as outlined in Change the Story National Framework.

The overall objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase conversation in the community about gender equality.
  • Shared knowledge for organisations and community groups.
  • Development of innovative models to engage men in gender equality work.

YSAS – Rural AOD Capacity Building and Enhancement Project

We have been supporting YSAS to build youth focused capacity within the regional Alcohol and Drug space.

Key achievements to date include:

  • Supported the development of governance frameworks for youth reference and support networks in Mount Alexander and Central Goldfields Shires.
  • Successful $40k grant application from the Australian Drug Foundation to develop a Local Drug Action Team with key stakeholders across the Central Goldfields Shire. 
  • Media and Communications strategy developed and implemented across the Loddon Shire to promote youth AOD Services.
  • Youth specific Professional Development  Program developed for Macedon Ranges 
  • Developed shared care, referral and secondary consultation protocols to enhance access to a variety of Youth Alcohol and other Drug (AOD) treatment pathways for young people living in rural areas across Loddon, Central Goldfields and Mount Alexander Shires. 

Loddon Mallee Homelessness Network and the Centre for Non-Violence – Pet Accommodation and Treatment Support Project

This project has a family violence and homelessness focus, working with the Loddon Mallee Homelessness Network to consult with specialist family and homelessness organisations to understand workers knowledge and capacity to respond to people presenting with companion animals/pets who are experiencing family violence, homelessness and/or housing crisis. 

As part of this project we will be aiming to develop partnerships with key animal support service providers, consult with government and sector agencies, and community sector workers in order to provide recommendations for a best practice model to respond to people presenting to homelessness and family violence services with pets or companion animals. 

Within the family violence space there is a demonstrated between animal abuse, family violence and other forms of violence.

Check out the Duluth style Power and Control Wheel produced by SPCA NZ.


Women’s Health Loddon Mallee

Gender Equity Facilitation and The Rural Challenge 

I work with Dr Jessica Crofts at Women’s Health Loddon Mallee to facilitate and deliver the Rural

Challenge Program. The Rural Challenge Gender Equality Leadership Program empowers leaders in

Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigades and sporting clubs to promote an equal and respectful culture.

Check out The Rural Challenge Website 


LGBTIQ Capacity Building – Crossenvale Community House – Echuca

I worked with Crossenvale Community House to secure grants from the Campaspe Shire Council and Victorian State Government to engage with the LGBTIQ communities in the Campaspe Shire. Through a range of consultative forums, I have supported Crossenvale Community House to work with the community to host a number of events to increase visibility and support of the LGBTI community living in the shire. A report will be published in the latter half of the year that will detail the lived experience of LGBTIQ people living in the region.

Check out this article for more information on the project

Watch the video coverage of International Day of Action Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.


YSAS – LGBTIQ online professional development

I worked with YSAS to create an online professional development module for their staff. The online professional development module covers a range LGBTIQ education in relation to youth alcohol and other drugs, support, treatment, and services

Contact us for more information on developing a range of training options for your organisation. hello@harrymcanulty.com.au

Castlemaine and District Community Health – Youth Consultations

This project aims to act as a steppingstone to create and implement services/programs in the local community that meet the needs for LGBTIQ young people informed by the LGBTIQ+ young people who live in Mount Alexander Shire.

To do this, we will hold a series of LGBTIQ+ specific workshops that are designed in collaboration with existing local youth networks and are delivered by skilled LGBTIQ+ youth facilitators.

In the workshops, strength-based activities and discussions will be facilitated to provide value and social connection to young people who identify as LGBTIQ+ in the Mount Alexander Shire community. The workshops will also provide an avenue for LGBTIQ+ young people in Mount Alexander Shire to outline what services/programs they would like to see in Mount Alexander Shire.

We will then collate this information to use to design and implement programs/services that meet the needs of LGBTIQ+ young people who live in the community, including to obtain funding sources to ensure service sustainability.


Cobaw Community Health – LGBTIQ Youth Leadership – Macedon Ranges, Central Goldfields and Mount Alexander Shires

In recent years there has been an increased amount of Government money focused on capacity building and leadership development in LGBTIQ communities. This project aims to support developing youth LGBTIQ leaders across three local Shires.

The program focuses on three domains: leadership of self, leading teams and advocating for change. The methodology for facilitating the workshops features shared stories and reflective practice to inform the participants leadership journey.

A number of co-design workshops with take place to ensure the program is youth led, designed and focused.

Haven; Home, Safe – Rainbow Tick Accreditation

About Haven; Home, Safe

HHS is an independent charity and Australia’s only fully integrated affordable rental housing and homelessness support services provider employing more than 180 staff across offices in Bendigo, Preston, Geelong, and Mildura with outreach services in Frankston, Swan Hill, Robinvale, Echuca and Kyabram. As Australia’s first registered Housing Association, HHS owns or manage 1800+ affordable rental properties across 29 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Victoria with total assets over $350 million and an annual operating budget of $38 million

The Rainbow Tick is a national accreditation program for organisations that are committed to safe and inclusive practice, and service delivery for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people. Organisations wishing to receive a Rainbow Tick are required to undergo accreditation against the Rainbow Tick Standards, owned and developed by Rainbow Health Victoria (formerly GLHV). We are working with Haven to develop a scoping exercise and implementation plan on the accreditation program. 

The Rainbow Tick Accreditation Program supports organisations to understand and implement LGBTI safe and inclusive service delivery and provides national recognition for those that meet the Rainbow Tick Standards. The Rainbow Tick Accreditation Program is a voluntary program and aims to assist organisations to move from LGBTI-friendly to LGBTI-inclusive while reassuring LGBTI consumers and staff that an organisation is aware of, is responsive to and is understanding of their needs.

What are the Rainbow Tick Standards?

Rainbow Tick consists of six standards which organisations can be independently assessed and formally accredited against to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTI inclusive practice and service delivery. The Rainbow Tick Standards are currently in their second edition and are supported by the Rainbow Tick guide to LGBTI-inclusive practice.

Organisations can undertake Rainbow Tick accreditation as a stand-alone assessment subject to ongoing reassessment and quality review or as part of any additional accreditation cycles being undertaken with QIP or AGPAL.

To help consumers identify those organisations who have received their Rainbow Tick, QIP accredited organisations have the opportunity to be listed on a national register of Rainbow Tick accredited organisations.

Organisations that are Rainbow Tick accredited with QIP are committed to constantly improving the quality of care and/or service delivery provided to their local LGBTI community. They are letting their LGBTI consumers, staff and community know that they will receive inclusive services from the moment they step through the door.

The six Rainbow Tick Standards are:

  • Organisational capability
  • Workforce development
  • Consumer participation
  • A welcoming and accessible organisation
  • Disclosure and documentation, and
  • Culturally safe and acceptable services. Why achieve Rainbow Tick accreditation?

LGBTI people have the same right to access services as anyone else within the Australian community. However, not all service providers understand or respond well to the needs of the LGBTI community. For some LGBTI people, the experience of exclusion and discrimination can contribute directly to poorer health and well-being, particularly mental health.

The Australian Human Rights Commission states that ‘respect for human rights is the cornerstone of strong communities in which everyone can make a contribution and feel included.’

Research in Australia and globally demonstrates that LGBTI people have poorer health outcomes than the general population because of the discrimination that they experience. In terms of mental health in particular, LGBTI people experience markedly higher levels of depression, anxiety, emotional distress and for some, self-harming and attempts of suicide.

The actual or perceived discrimination by services also means LGBTI people are more likely to avoid or delay seeking care. Consequently, LGBTI health consumers want to know that they can access services where their sexual orientation or gender identity and/or intersex status will be valued and where service providers understand their needs.

Becoming Rainbow Tick accredited with QIP supports organisations to reassure members of the LGBTI community that they will be welcomed and provided with LGBTI-inclusive care and support in a safe and quality-focused environment.

Rainbow Tick provides a benchmark for LGBTI inclusive practice throughout Australia.

The above has been taken directly from; https://www.qip.com.au/standards/rainbow-tick-standards

For more information on The Rainbow Tick Accredition – please contact us.


Harry McAnulty’s ability to curate complex projects and write successful grant applications and tender responses is a huge asset. I enjoy working alongside Harry as we deliver an initiative to amplify the voices of LGBTI people across the Loddon Murray region. Harry’s integrity and engagement in community are key to creating a space where our stakeholders feel valued and safe. Harry’s strong leadership in teams helps to progress good projects through to valuable outcomes.


80,000 to amplify LGBTI voices in Central Victoria

Business communities marriage stance welcomed

Leah Sertori / Executive Officer Lead Loddon Murray

Sidney Myer Haven is an intensive social curriculum program is attached to the medium term housing that collaborates with other organisations to support personal growth and development, social and emotional skills; training and employment: living home management and tenancy skills; health awareness, advocacy, leadership and civic participation.

Harry developed and designed a program of work to ensure LGBTIQA+ inclusion within the SMH program. Harry worked collaboratively with the management team, residents and staff to design and deliver an interactive training program that provided us with the foundations to create a LGBTIQA+ safe space.

I would highly recommend this method of training as community members, residents and staff influenced the design of the training which ensured better outcomes for our residents and wider program. Harry has a unique style and his ability to collaborate so effectively brings out a richness in the content that ensures learning outcomes are met and enthusiasm for the subject is maintained.

Sue Farrell / Manager Sidney Myer Haven

Harry’s passion, curiosity, and professionalism make him a stand out in the Loddon Mallee region. I have co-facilitated workshops with Harry for the Rural Challenge Gender Equality Leadership Program, and he creates safe environments for participants to explore complex ideas. He is a strong strategic thinker who has supported and driven project planning and grant writing.

Dr Jessica Crofts / Senior Gender Equality Specialist Women’s Health Loddon Mallee

Harry is impressive and hard working. At one point the need for a Harm Reduction initiative in a Melbourne club was identified. Harry responded immediately to the issue and within days had liaised with all the necessary organisers, linked in the relevant agencies in a partnership, developed a MOU, recruited volunteers and arranged training, and then participated in the activity for a number of evenings to monitor it and ensure it was effective and successful. That was an example of how Harry is  well aware of emerging community and social issues and has repeatedly taken leadership and initiative to respond to them. His accomplishments in the fields of community development, organising, project development and establishing services demonstrate his capacity and industriousness – and the benefits for the communities concerned.

Bill O’Loughlin / HIV, sexual and reproductive health, and development Consultant. President of Harm Reduction Victoria.

The professionalism and friendliness Harry shows when working on a project is second to none. Harry has the ability to put even the most nervous of participants at ease and guides them through the process with care and support. I have worked with Harry on several projects over the past two years and his ability to connect and network across the community (from organisations to community groups to approaching individuals) is a credit to him and a benefit to our community. Harry has always ensured that there is representation from all groups within the community paying particular attention to marginalised and underrepresented groups. I have always found Harry to be incredibly organised, passionate and respectful in his work and he always gives his all to create fantastic outcomes for the community. Harry is a fantastic asset to Bendigo and the surrounding regions and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Rebecca French / Positive Ageing Officer City of Greater Bendigo

Harry has shown leadership in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community by developing reconciliation action plans for the Victorian AIDS Council and following up on their implementation. I have always found Harry a respectful colleague who is more than willing to support the Aboriginal Community both in Melbourne and beyond. He is a trusted friend and co-worker.

Read about the reconciliation project here.

Uncle Peter Waples Crowe / Emerging Queer Elder, Artist and Public Health Practitioner

Harry is an innovative thinker and problem solver and can deliver project outcomes to tight timelines. Harry develops innovative solutions supporting place based regional responses particularly in relationship to workforce development in the youth and alcohol and drug sectors.

Kerry Donaldson / YSAS Bendigo Manager


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